Alysia Samaru

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From a young age, I’ve always shown a creative and artistic spirit, coming from a family of amazing artists – alysia-samaru-glazing-potterymostly painters. My first exposure to clay and the potter’s wheel was at 16 years of age. Like a fish in water, it was as if I had been making pottery my whole life! My ever-changing style develops from the exposure to a myriad of schools, classes, workshops, and other teaching artists.

My favorite modality for creativity, (other than cooking), is “mud” – whether in the garden or the studio, I’m totally in my element, honoring my love for the Earth. Currently working in porcelain, my functional pieces at times sport altered or sculptural aspects. Besides ‘usefulness’, I love infusing beauty, spirit, joy and sometimes fantasy or ‘whimsy’ to my pieces.