Ellen Crocker

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I divide my time between painting, stitching and carving. Color, connections & movement are my mainstays. I can thumb__t4g1989_bw_1024be inspired by a single color, many times my art is driven by the connections I feel and see between humans and movement, which shows itself everywhere and is reflected in my work with brush strokes, carved marks or stitches.

Roketsu-zome, the Japanese art of wax resist combines both painting and fabric, 2 of my lifetime loves. I work in Sumi-e, Japanese ink brush painting. Working with wood came to me by way of carving woodblocks, recently I have added making bandsaw boxes to my wood art.

I have instructed students and classroom teachers as an Artist in the Schools and as an Advanced Teaching Artist of Hawai’i since 1983 to the present. My work has received awards from the Hawai’i State Art Museum, the International Quilt Association, and The Big Island Art Guild and is in collections from Japan to Europe.

“I love everything I do within my world of art. I love teaching children. I love being in my studio. I love making beautiful images that help people remember to see and feel that life is beautiful in many ways, even with its challenges.” Ellen Crocker, from Aloha Expressionism, 2015.



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