Ellen Crocker

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Sumi-e is Ellen Crocker’s  key influence in her artwork. Aiming  to depict nature’s vitality by using the elements of contrast, harmony and movement, she uses ink, paint, dye, melted wax or carved marks to create freely using controlled strokes strokes on paper, silk or wood. Dots and circles are used repeatedly in her work.

Paintings are contingent on what needs to be expressed either through realism or abstraction. Any subject shows realism; abstracts may be based on patterns, circles, dots, brush strokes or colors.

Art Quilts are another form of expression for Ellen, having stitched since she was 5 years old. She paints on fabric, dyes, prints and then uses her  fabrics to make wall hangings or bed quilts. Some are hand quilted others are quilted by machine.

Working with wood is fairly recent for her. She learned to make Band saw Boxes, decorated with hand relief carving and milk paint. These skills have led her to a 3D form of expression, something different and enjoyable.

She have instructed students and classroom teachers as an Artist in the Schools and as an Advanced Teaching Artist of Hawai’i since 1983 to the present. Her work has received awards from the Hawai’i State Art Museum, the International Quilt Association, and The Big Island Art Guild and is in collections from Japan to Europe.




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