Ina Koch

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ina-koch_1521adj1000When I was in High School, I assumed that artistic talent was something that one was born with. In my 20’s I challenged myself to sketch, paint and sculpt. After several extended journeys to Europe, where I spent a lot of time in Museums in London, Paris and Italy, I decided to switch from being an elementary school teacher to pursuing this intrigue with art.

In my 30’s I was persuaded to travel to Latin America to explore the Hispanic Indigenous sites from northern Mexico to Bolivia. Upon return I studied pottery with a very talented artist in Ann Arbor, Mich. I also worked in a co-operative studio where I made my own clay and created sets of dishes on the potter’s wheel. It was cold in Mich. and I was not planning to be a production potter. I moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I studied at the Instituto Allende art school. I realized that I enjoyed a sculptural, hand built style that reflected nature-the color, the texture, the imprint of the environment.

After three years I joined friends in N.M., and worked with them on some painted furniture that they were creating. I continued to work with clay. An invitation to Hawaii brought me to Honaunau on the Big Island where I have been for 27 years. For 17 years I have been working in my studio at the Kona Potter’s Guild south of Captain Cook. I am essentially a hand builder. I use several glazing techniques-hand painted under glazes and mixing glazes that are sprayed on for a more subtle look. I am not projecting to any more moves but anticipate a trip to San Miguel or to Europe.