Peter Underwood

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Peter has been drawn to art since childhood. Throughout the years Peter’s true love was always art. He participated Peter Underwood_1532webadjin numerous art shows on Maui and the Big Island and created many sets for the non-profit theater in Kainaliu highlighting his artistic and creative sides. Peter has won numerous awards for his art. His chosen art style is Assemblage Collage, which utilizes his art, antique and photographic influences. Peter is a founding member of “West Hawaii Artist’s Tribe.” He says, “I was born an artist, and will always be one.”

“I have been fortunate to have been born a collector of Antiques, ideas and images. In my art I can combine all of these thoughts, objects and images to create my Assemblage Collage art. I have coined a word for this style “FRAGSTRACTION” from fragments and abstraction. Currently I am working on a series called “Mobius Trips,” small scale fantasy voyages. I am inspired by the works of Joseph Cornell, Leonardo Da Vinci, boxes of old letters in the attic, piles of junk by the road, antiques sitting on shelves, and everything I come across. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”


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