Ru Carley

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RucaRu Carley was born in Montreal, Canada.  She was first introduced to pottery at summer camp in Maine at 10 years old.  She also attended Manitou Wabing Camp of Fine Arts in Ontario from ages 12-14, which had a full ceramics department.  Courses at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY (1970-1971) furthered  her interest, after which she joined a pottery coop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Back home in Montreal, Ru started her professional career as a production potter at the Potterie Bonsecours on Rue Notre Dame.  She then moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and worked for Frank Willett Pottery in the early .

But Canada was too cold and Ru became a California resident, where she lived in Scotts Valley, California and worked for Michael Burk Studio. From there, she journeyed to South America and landed a job at a production pottery in Ayacucho, Peru.

In Santa Cruz, CA, Ru worked at Michael Lambert Studios.  Another move in 1983, this time to L.A. and a job with Karen Donleavy at the West Los Angeles Potters Coop.

Which brings us to Honaunau, Hawaii and the Kona Potters Guild (KPG), where Ru has been stationed since 2002.

Pottery has always been and will always be a passion for Ru.  Her chosen destiny in life is to be an old lady potter.  No matter what she’s done (and there have been many sidelines!), she always comes back to the source…clay.