Catherine Wynne

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Catherine Wynne has been quilting for about 25 years. She started by making traditional Hawaiian quilts, and sooncatherine-wynne-with-quilt became interested in all aspects of quiltmaking, including appliqué, traditional pieced and art quilts. She maintains her own business in custom machine quilting, as well as creating custom-made wall hangings and bed quilts, and has been teaching quilting for the past several years, both in Hawaii and on the mainland.

Catherine currently teaches at Quilt Passions in Kailua-Kona. Catherine grew up in Southern California, where she was a member of Orange Grove Quilt Guild. She is a retired attorney. She has had a home on the Big Island since 1990, and is a member of both Aloha Quilters of Kona and Ka Lae Quilters. Catherine Wynne’s Quilted Art Projects