Ellen Crocker

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I express my creativity through painting, stitching and carving, which in reality gives me too many choices. However, I enjoy moving between mediums, seeing new aspects of each, each time I revisit them. Color is big to me. Most days I start my work by choosing a color and then see where I take it. Since color speaks of feelings and thoughts for me, it is a familiar pathway of communication for me. This is how I have created many of my “Connections” pieces. 

“Connections” is a series I started over 15 years ago, inspired by the concept of The Indra Net. It is a net woven of gems and when one gem moves, it reflects amongst all the gems. This image prompted me to visualize the gems as humans and the “Connections Series” began. Dots and lines represent humans and our connections between one another. 

I spend a part of each year working as a Teaching Artist of Hawaii bringing visual arts to adults, elementary & high school students. It is my passion to share many aspects of visual arts such as; basics of the elements and principles of art and design, the joy of creating, decision making, risk taking, tactile experiences with different mediums and making connections between life and art.  

I believe we are all connected. This belief makes me smile.


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