Ginger Sandell

Ginger Anne Sandell has work displayed in several galleries on the Big Island of Hawaii as well as exhibited and sold in New York, San Diego, and currently has work with ArtBlend Gallery in Florida. .

Ginger was primarily self taught until she enrolled in the Academy of Art in San Francisco where she is currently earning her Masters of Fine Arts. She has worked with pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, water color, acrylic and oils. She is a multi tasked artist who paints in several genres including seascapes, landscapes, still life paintings, portraits, and figurative abstracts.

Ginger paints in an impressionist, semi abstract style where line, color, and form may vary from the more realistic portrayal of the world. Her collectors tell her that her art is �other worldly�. She hopes that the visual image will connect with people emotionally. Her paintings often have a sense of tranquility; however, there are others that show darker emotion. When she paints she loses track of time. Painting is her meditation and she believes that it brings her in contact with her Higher Power. To Ginger creativity have both a tactile and spiritual nature.

Her paintings take several weeks to complete and she usually uses an under painting on the canvas. After the under painting is dry she begins the painting with several translucent layers of oil glaze before moving into the more opaque paint application. This is the lean to fat alla prima technique that she is studying at the Academy. She paints wet on wet; however, she usually works for three to four hours at a time before allowing the paint to dry and then begins on another layer. This technique helps her build depth and rich color variations. Her paintings may have up to twenty layers of various glazes.Artist Bio goes here. We also usually insert the artist photo (Medium size) and align it to the right.

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