Jozuf Hadley

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bradajo-photo-by-sachi-brownBorn on the “Garden Island” of Kaua’i, Hawaii, I absorbed my family’s love for pristine nature as well as the arts, the music, and the mysterious spiritual ways of the indigenous peoples of Oceania. Although, it was art history in Art college that awakened a great appreciation for the depths within us from which truly great art comes, and supreme gratitude for the very power and magnitude of what we call creativity, forever present and accessible. So I pursue this “magic”, allowing arrangements to appear before me through the combining and juxtaposing of natural objects and salvaged things manmade, ranging from children’s blocks and wooden tools to pieces of fine Asian art. It is this concentration of time-toned materials which tantalizes my sensibilities and urges me on into the mystery.

Jozuf will be open for the studio tour, please contact him for appointments.