Kevin Spitze

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Art has always been a large part of my life, drawing and sketching for fun in my youth. Defined by art, passionate and challenged by the act of creation from early days. Active in school yearbooks through high school, on to De Anza College and culminating at San Jose State University. Born in Ohio and with an early childhood in small-town Kansas, then to pre-Silicon Valley San Jose —  these were great places to be a kid.

 My art has been inspired by life abroad, in Japan and Australia, travels to Southeast Asia and Europe, China, Taiwan, Turkey, the American Southwest. During my travels I have been in awe of many artists and art forms, inspired by and in awe of Sargent, Van Gogh, Picasso, Ai Wei-Wei, Vermeer, Dali, JMW Turner,Michelangelo, Kondos,my fellow painters, to name a few.

 Art is inspired by everyday things, sushi and single malts, early morning and late afternoon light; it all helps me to usepigment on canvas to create my window on the world.

 I am primarily a representational painter in oils and enjoy exploration in watercolor and printmaking, ukiyo-e, and batik. It’s all about the light, capturing the moment, the sense of place. I’m deeply in debt to the Impressionist movement, the California Impressionists and the rich variety of representative interpretation flooding my senses.

 Light is all, light is a constant yet is constantly changing; capturing that moment in time and place challenges, frustrates, rewards and inspires.  Painting is my humble way to attempt to record my sense of my surroundings, striving to express the beauty present in the transcendent and the mundane.

We moved to Captain Cook in 2017 and I am enchanted by the richness of life, the cultures, histories and arts communities here on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Life is change, and this new phase of my life is challenging and exciting.

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