Pamela Colton Thomas

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Pam and work 2015_0954 copyVibrant watercolor and acrylic paintings by Pamela Colton Thomas mirror her wide range of passions including Hawaiian reflections in land, sea, and myth, dream landscapes, along with the many expressions of the feminine archetype as she surfaces in cultures throughout the world. Her strong line work serves as a container holding the life and energy that emanates from each form.


“I use an intense array of colors to emphasize the life force that illuminates my subjects. Light serves as a bridge between matter and spirit. Color is the language that expresses this relationship.I attempt to address this tenuous relationship in each piece I paint.”


Pamela has lived in Hawaii for over 30 years, her present home is on the sunny slopes of Hounaunau. Her work has been on exhibit at East Hawaii Cultural Center, Wailoa Gallery in Hilo, and SKEA in South Kona.


Her originals, giclee prints, aluminum prints, and cards are available at Kailua Village Artists Gallery in Kailua Kona. Her paintings, poetry and prose can be viewed on line at Originals and giclee prints on canvas can be purchased from the artist directly at


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