Pamela Colton Thomas

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Pamela Colton Thomas

Vibrant watercolor and acrylic paintings by Pamela Colton Thomas mirror a wide range of passions: Hawaiian reflections in land, sea, myth, dream landscapes, and expressions of the feminine archetype surfacing in cultures throughout the world.

Pamela has lived in Hawaii for 40 years; her present home is on Honaunau’s sunny slopes. Her work has been on exhibit at East Hawaii Cultural Center, Wailoa Gallery in Hilo, Kailua Village Artists Gallery, SKEA in South Kona, and SOKO’s Annual Studio Tour.

Her paintings, giclee prints, and greeting cards can be viewed online at Art can be purchased from the artist directly at

Artists Statement:¬†Pamela Colton Thomas’s father was an artist. She had the good fortune of learning from an early age from him how to take in the beauty around her and express it in some form. Originally, drawing in pen and ink, and charcoal, she experimented in black and white, working with shadows to light and studying the simple elegance of linework. For Pamela, art was always a process. Her true expression came to her when she arrived on the Islands 40 years ago. She began to work in bright and vivid hues, caught up in the explosion of light and color as it expresses itself naturally on this amazing island where she lives.




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