Peter Barbarich

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Piergiorgio (Peter) Barbarich

From a very early age an inner urge compelled me to draw or make 3-D objects.  Since coming to Hawaii, I work in clay, stone, and metal, primarily in hardwood. The beauty in nature is my primary model and inspiration, but human virtues and aspirations also loom large in my work.

After I decide on an idea as the conceptual basis for a new piece and extract the general form, I strive for flowing lines, grace, balance, and resolution. I sometimes introduce evoking representational elements.   I try to exploit the medium with which I work to showcase whatever intrinsic qualities it offers. I want my work to be sensual, and pleasing to the touch and the eye.

I try to bridge the conceptual and the tangible.  My work is successful to the extent that it attracts the viewer and helps lead her or him on a path away from the mundane over to a spiritual plane.

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