Richard Rochkovsky

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“My earliest painting memories are from painting with my Dad on the beach, feeling the sun on my face, the wind in my, at that time, blond hair, and the sand under my feet – the ocean was there to wash off the inevitable mess.  I haven’t outgrown any of it, including the mess.”

Graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and credits for a Minor in Art from the University of Virginia in 1972. Practiced Architecture in New Jersey, Virginia, Washington State, and Hawaii. 

“I don’t paint things the way they look – I paint them the way they are.”

“For me, painting furiously and intensely for 3 hours, trying to capture the ever-changing moods and character of a scene, is the culmination of everything that I’ve done and know – the challenge, of course, is to forget all of that and just paint – after all, it’s just light, right?”

Home base for Richard is the wonderful Blue Seas Artisans Gallery at the Keauhou Shopping Center where you can find him to talk story on Sundays from 2-6

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