Shelley Hoist

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Shelley Hoist is a self taught, natural fiber artist who has called Kona home since the late 1970’s.

Giving new life to sustainable raw material, she artfully crafts Hawaii’s unique natural fibers into vessels, sculptures, wall decor, wearable art accessories and urns. Her desire is for her work to strengthen our personal connection to the earth by reminding us of the beauty and lessons that nature offers us.


Inspired by giant fallen leaves, she uses the leaf base or sheath as the basis for her creations. Incorporating other materials such as paper, gemstones and upcycled elements help Shelley convey the story that the she, and the sheath, want to share.


The variety of palms she works with produce different colors, sizes and characteristics of malleability, making each piece entirely unique. After using water to soften, she sculpts and hand stitches the fiber into its next form and as the drying process begins, the material begins to harden and contract into its new shape (surprises always happen).  Each art piece is entirely unique, signed, numbered and completed with either a hand rubbed polyurethane or an encaustic wax finish.


Shelley has been pushing the boundaries of this unique material for over 20 years, developing new techniques and has expanded from functional basketry to fine art. Many of her designs are copyrighted. She creates vessels and sculptures of all sizes and custom pieces can be commissioned.


Shelley has won awards for her work in Hawaii and on the mainland

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