Trudy Koszarek

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Trudy loves playing with fabric! She has been having fun making quilts for almost 40 years. She moved to the Big Island with her husband eleven years ago after spending 35-plus years in Alaska, where she owned and operated a quilt shop in the small town of Valdez for several years. She enjoyed sharing her love of fabric and helping customers create quilts they could be proud of. She prided herself on having the kind of shop that people could come in and pull bolts of fabric until they found the best ones for their project – even if that left bolts all over the store.

While running the shop, she mainly concentrated on traditional quilting with a bit of a modern twist. Since the move to Hawaii, she has entered the world of art quilts and never had so much fun. Her inspiration comes from the world around her, whether from her 3-acre orchard, the ocean, or some other facet of life in Hawaii.

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